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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Three Ways to Combat Anxiety

The world is filled with so much uncertainty, tragedies, crime, natural disasters, terrorism, and the threat of war... it's no wonder that so many people are experiencing anxiety. Around 40 million American's age 18 and older suffer from anxiety. It can cause illnesses, interfere with your ability to perform responsibilities at work and home, and impair your relationships. Often, as debilitating as it is, many people don't get help and suffer the consequences. There are three ways that you can combat anxiety and prevent it from overtaking your life.

1. Take Care of You. There is so much to be done and so little time that often we put ourselves last. It's easy to take a back seat when demands bombard us on a daily basis. We may think it's inconvenient to stop and take a break in between projects or spend time fulfilling our personal needs, but if we don't, eventually we may become overwhelmed and anxiety can quickly settle within us. We need to take the time to take care of ourselves. Schedule mealtimes to assure you don't miss fueling your body. Our bodies can become stressed when we are hungry. Be sure to include nutritious food in your diet, especially food that contains vitamin B. Many chemical imbalances occur when our bodies aren't getting proper minerals and nutrients. Get plenty of rest. When we have deadlines or surmounting piles of projects to complete, it is easy to overwork ourselves and eventually cause burnout. Set work hours for yourself and make sure you give yourself a good night's rest. You can even take time for a power nap during the day, if needed.

2. De-clutter Your Home. It may seem tedious to some, but de-cluttering your home is a good way to eliminate anxiety. Excessive amounts of clutter can be draining and depressing. If your house is cluttered, it may create a feeling of disorder and lead to stress. When things are orderly, you are more likely to feel a sense of peace and relaxation. Start with one closet or a counter top, or even the space around your desk. You may notice the energy that emanates from a clean desk top, allowing you to feel peace and inspiration.

3. Turn to God. Often, those who experience anxiety do not pray or read scriptures on a daily basis. Often it is said that prayer is the way we speak to God and reading scriptures is the way He speaks to us. Truly, prayer is a powerful way to enlist heaven and angels to silence your fears, assist you in your time of need, and help you cope with difficult challenges. Put it to the test. Kneel down and pray vocally, or say a prayer in your heart while you're driving to work. Either way, God will hear it. Ask him to calm your anxiety and fill you with peace, and you may discover the tender mercies of a loving Father in Heaven.

Regardless of how many trials you are facing or what frightening things you may hear in the news, you can seek refuge in your home and in your heart by taking some time to do the things that will ultimately bring you peace in a world full of despair. Life is good, and we must believe that we can create peace in our lives and overcome the anxieties of the world.

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