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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

10 Things Every Guy Thinks When He Kis'ses You For The First Time

10 Things Every Guy Thinks When He Kis'ses You For The First Time

The first k'ss between two people in love is rarely ever awkward and foolish. It’s not always going to be as magical and as flawless as they make it out to be in the movies. Of course, the more that you kiss one another, you get better in time. You discover more about what the other likes and you learn from each experience.

But when it’s the first k'ss, you have nothing to base your technique off. So you’re essentially just winging it – and sometimes, it doesn’t always work. And that’s okay. That’s part of being vulnerable with another person. It’s also part of the innocence of early love.

And it’s not just girls who feel really awkward when it comes to the first kiss. There is this notion that girls tend to be the ones who get overexcited and put too much pressure on the milestones of a relationship. But guys get nervous too. In fact, guys probably get a lot more nervous than girls do because men typically tend to just suppress their feelings a lot.

And so they get overwhelmed by their emotions whenever things start to get real and heavy. And you know what the most nerve-wracking thing about being a guy having a first ki'ss is? It’s him who has to make the first move. And that is always going to be terrifying. He doesn’t want to come off as too strong – and he doesn’t want to be made a fool of if you actually reject his advances. And so he places a lot of pressure on himself too. Don’t forget that.

No matter how cool or smooth he might seem as he’s leaning in to k'ss you for the first time, his heart is probably trying to jump right out of his chest. A million thoughts are probably running though his head at that moment and he’s not able to keep up with any of them. He is just as invested in this first k'ss as you are. And if you really want to know what his mind is like as he’s k'ssing you, then read on:

But of course, he doesn’t want to rush into anything. He doesn’t want to pressure you into it. But he can’t deny just how irresistible you look in his eyes. He just wants to have all of you right away

He knows that one of the biggest destroyers of a quality k'iss is bad breath. And he wants to make sure that he’s minty fresh for your first kiss.
He debates the idea of asking for your permission first – and whether or not you would actually respond.
He doesn’t want you to be finding some surprise after-dinner food in his mouth as you’re li'king away at one another’s tongues. That would be a very unwelcome surprise.

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