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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

‘I Don’t Wash My Private Part After Sex’ – Young Lady Reveals (Photo)

Sex Clinic viewers were left horrified when a patient called Nunu confessed that she “forgets to wash her v@gina”. Nunu was suffering from bacterial vaginosis, which forced her to up her hygiene when it came to her intimate area. The woman’s comments ended up going viral, and now she has hit back at the backlash by insisting that her statement was taken out of context. Taking to social media, Nunu furiously tweeted: “F*** EVERYONE ON HERE WHOS SAYING I (NUNU) DONT WASH MY VAG. “I WAS REFFERING ABOUT AFTER SEX NOT IN GENERAL. “I WONDER HOW MANY OF YOU MOTHER F***ERS WASH AFTER SEX. Y’ALL FALL ASLEEP”. Nunu was quickly supported with kind messages from her followers, with one writing: “Nunu, honestly, don’t focus on these people. You can never win. “A lot of people don’t shower twice a day, let alone wash their bits.” Medical expert Sarah looked shocked during Nunu’s appointment on the E4 show, with the patient explaining that she can tell when she has contracted bacterial vaginosis by the “fishy smell” – adding that it occurs more when she “forgets” to wash herself. Sarah asked: “How do you forget to wash your v@gina? How often does that happen?” Nunu replied: “It’s terrible, isn’t it? “Since I’ve been getting BV I have to do it every time I have sex… And I have to pee.” Sarah advised: “Always wash every day, twice if you can. Morning and evening.”

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